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Black Cherry 11-03SOLD
Black Cherry 11-03SOLD

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Price: $475.00
Diameter: 11.75 inches
Weight: 11.5 lbs
Height: 23.5 inches
Wood Type: Black Cherry
Skin Description: Double Sunrise patterned Goat Skin with Black & Tan Fur Flap

Product Code: 11-03

Description Sounds Description of sounds
This Black Cherry drum has a much bigger voice that you would think for its size. It is sharp sounding with crisp pops. It's made from a single piece of Black Cherry wood with its natural orange-red color. I find this drum very comfortable to play. The skin thickness is a medium weight, allowing you to have it sharp and snappy without having it pulled super tight. This is very easy on the hands. The top edges are particularly well shaped, and give maximum playing comfort. Each drum is shaped by hand and is unique in this regard. I try to make them all super comfortable, but sometimes one stands out. Here it is.  Right now it is tuned up pretty tight and it is easy to do great finger rolls and sharp pops. You can change the tone of your drum from soft song tones to fiery sharpness with just a little tightening.
  • Brown fur with flap and a double burst pattern on the skin.
  • There is a angled knot on the horn, and is plugged and solid.
  • All of my drums come with a built-in carry handle on one side which makes it easy to tote around and aids greatly when you want to take your drum out of its bag.
  • Totally handmade from recycled, hand turned wood. Superior Craftmanship and professional performance sound.