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Call Me and I can walk you through it. (text is even better. I'll call you back) 608-403-five zero five five. I know it can be challenging to find just the right drum when all you have to go by is some words and photos. I am very good at helping folks determine what qualities they are looking for and my intuition serves well.

How you hold your drum while playing will have a lot to do with the size of your drum. If you will be sitting, it is important to have a chair that is firm at the edge, and is just high enough to have your thighs level. I like folks to have a drum that is tall enough to rest upon your insteps or a 3" wood block. I do prefer the wood blocks as they allow for good relaxation. It is best to cover them with some material to cushion them upon the floor and keep it from sliding. (6-8" long and 2 1/2" to 3" wide and high)

Many of the smaller drums have really big sound and are superb for travel as they are easy to tote. The small drums are also very distinctive in their sound and are easy to hear even amid the loudest circles.

Weight is a key factor for many people. Drums from Africa are generally 18-25 lbs. I strive to keep DogStar Drums well under 15 lbs. I can make travel size drums at 5-7 lbs.

Australian buyers: Please be aware that customs may require skins with fur to be irradiated. Their charge for this "service" is $75 last time I checked.  I can change the skin on any drum to a hairless one for an additional $50 charge. For any custom ordered drum you will have a choice of hair style at no extra charge.