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Black Walnut 11-06SOLD
Black Walnut 11-06SOLD

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Price: $375.00
Diameter: 8.5 inches
Weight: 7.2 lbs
Height: 21.25 inches
Wood Type: Black Walnut
Skin Description: Brown & White Speckled, Hairless Goat Skin

Product Code: 11-06

This baby is tall and slim. Small size but big sound. It's made from a single piece of Black Walnut wood with its natural dark chocolate color. When I go out to drum, I always take a large one and a small one. I like to change up my sounds. This size drum is so effortless to play. Just a touch and it barks. It is good to give your hands a rest now and then. This one is perfect for that, as well as adding intense accents to your music. When I made it, I wanted this drum to be capable of the intensely sharp slaps of the Guinea style drums, so I left an extra thickness of wood in the critical places. The I gave it a slightly thicker spotted skin and made it real tight. This is very crisp sounding with sharp pops and slaps, and a booming bass that rings out for a long time. The bass is not ultra low like the bigger drums, but is a bit higher pitch and will fill your house. Many of my students play drums this size, and when they stop, there is a strange emptiness. It's weird. It seems like only drums of this size can make that particular and awesome sound.   It is tuned up pretty tight and it is easy to do great finger rolls and sharp pops.