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Black Walnut 11-08SOLD
Black Walnut 11-08SOLD

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Price: $475.00
Diameter: 11.5 inches
Weight: 10 lbs
Height: 24 inches
Wood Type: Black Walnut
Skin Description: Brown & White Spotted Goat Skin with no Flap

Product Code: 11-08

Description Sounds Description of sounds
This is the most adorable drum. Small size but big sound. It's made from a single piece of Black Walnut wood with its natural dark chocolate color. If you like to be seated while drumming, this drum works superbly. It is really easy to hold up, and at only 10 pounds, easy to carry around too. I asked some of my students to try it out, and all said it was very comfortable and easy to get great notes from. When I made it, I wanted this drum to be capable of the intensely sharp slaps of the Guinea style drums, so I left an extra thickness of wood in the critical places. The I gave it a slightly thicker spotted skin and  made it real tight. The final step was to rub the finish down to a silky smooth satin sheen.This is very crisp sounding with sharp pops and slaps, and a booming bass too. The bass is not ultra low like the bigger drums, but is a bit higher pitch and fills the house. It is tuned up pretty tight and fires notes like a pack of fire crackers. This drum sounds rich even when very tight.
  • Spotted skin
  • No fur
  • There is a rope carry handle on one side which makes it easy to tote around and aids greatly when you want to take your drum out of its bag.
  • Totally handmade from recycled, hand turned wood. Superior Craftmanship and professional performance sound.