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Red Elm - SOLD
Red Elm - SOLD

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Diameter: 11.25 inches
Weight: 11.5 lbs
Height: 21 inches
Wood Type: Red Elm
Skin Description: Double Starburst Goat Skin with White Fur Flap

Product Code: 11-10

It is so much easier to hold onto a drum that is this height, it's a really nice sized drum. Not too big, and certainly not too small. At only 11 1/2 pounds, it is easy to sit with or carry. This whole drum is silky smooth and has gentle sensuous curves. It's made from a single piece of Red Elm wood and I gave it a wash of white stain to accent the wild wood grain. The bass is short and fast. It is a quick thump and does not hang on long. This is better for recording and group playing, but not if you like huge ka-whumping bass, take a look at the monster drums. This baby was made intentionally for the high notes. It has a thicker skin and many shape details to give it super loud slaps and pops. This is tuned up real tight, and it needs that to get  the wild sound. If you choose this drum, don't worry about what it sounds like tuned down, It was made to be cranked up and be explosive. That IS this drums life purpose.  Sharp biting barks and great clarity between the high slaps and mid range tones.