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Black Locust 11-14
Black Locust 11-14

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Price: $375.00
Diameter: 8.5 inches
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Height: 19 inches
Wood Type: Black Locust
Skin Description: Goat Skin with Fur flap of Black with White Speckles

Product Code: 11-14

This is a travel sized drum. In the right bag it can be taken as carry-on luggage. It is made from a single piece of Black Locust wood with natural rich yellow color. Usually drums this size are bright and snappy sounding, which it is, but it has a slightly thicker skin which gives it a wonderfully mellow, sweet tone. With a thinner skin it would sound like a fire cracker. (skins don't last forever, so you can try out different sounds when it is time for a new skin.) The bass pitch is not deep and low, but high and fast. This is the kind of bass that fills a room in a pleasant way. It seems to thicken the air, and only small drums seem to do this. It's like a built in harmony. When the little drums stop playing, it feels like something is very missing. It is a strange phenomenon. It is a sweet drum. Easy to hold and play. This one is sweet and mellow tuned down, and snappy with a hard 'pop' when twisted tighter. The bass fast and n t very big. It is a nice thump.