We have both found our way to this page, so I know the drum has called you in some way.
Take the leap and let your drum take you into realms unknown, through the forest and past the horizon to the edge of the world. I dedicate my work to both the people just hearing the drum for the first time, and those already caught up in it.

Just as each drum is unique, so too is each journey. It matters not where you are. It might be a plush living room full of friends or alone playing quietly to the 
waves lapping on the shore, your drum can transport you. Where you go to, is up to you.

When my drum journey began, it was all very surreal. I didn't know just what I was hearing, it seemed to trigger some old memory from a time gone by. I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I was truly hooked. After that first time, it has always been about finding drums that spoke to me the way they had around that bonfire.  Imagine...Way off through the wooded countryside folks started to gather just before dusk. The central fire was lit and prodded to flickering life. We began to drum  transfixed by the light and dancing flames. After a while I paused from beating my hands to pulp, and looked up to see that we were surrounded by hundreds of people. There were dancers, drummers, chanters and more. Off to one side, close to the fire were several ghostly, fire lit djembe players that had crept in from the darkness. , and who churned out the most amazing rhythm and song  throughout the night. As dawn arrived, they were gone, departed as they had mist blown on a stirring breeze.

It was pure intoxicating magic in my ears and through my being, and I just had to have it.
I didn't know how or where, but the hunt was on. Unfortunately in 1992, that kind of magic was not available in stores. 

I checked local stores and festivals and found some cheap "toys" but still fixed them up and kept trying to get that wild sound. I reworked all the djembe and locally made ashiko I could find. Much later I realized that those wild, ghostly bonfire players had done much the same. Finding a good wooden shell, and carefully rebuilding it until it was spinning magic melodies. 

That was a while ago, but seems like yesterday, and believe it or not, I am still on the hunt.
Even after making hundreds of wonderful drums, still something draws me on to new sounds.
I know now that it is not really the drum itself that is magic, but the place that the djembe will take you to. It is the journey of the drum that is magic. Many people. Many fires, Many songs.

I have enjoyed many years teaching weekly drumming classes and workshops and have been turning my drums from scratch since 1996.  I have listened to feedback from hundreds of drummers over the years, and it is their wisdom, as well as my own experience, that I weave to create the superb sound of DogStar Drums.

All of my drums are worked by hand on a big old lathe using a single solid log chunk. Every detail of each drum is worked very carefully. Size, weight, curves, tension, finish, and composition. All these things make their contribution to the sound and play-ability of the drum. I make them to not only sound great, but to be comfortable, and easy to play.

The comfort of your hands is a top priority, and the surface you strike is painstakingly worked to be smooth, gentle, and comfortable.

Each wood variety is quite different, as is every drummer, and the type of wood your drum is made from does play a part in its particular sound, and the way it resonates with you.

With rare exception, I do 100% of the work on every drum. Forming and welding rings, lacing and tying ropes, adding pewter and stone on-lays, finishing and repairing wood, stretching heads, final tuning, all of it.

If you don't see what you are looking for, you can custom order a drum built just the way you want it.

A whole host of information about my drums and the various woods can be found on this web site, via the Information menu on the left of the page.  If you are not quite sure on exactly the drum for you then go the the "Choosing the right drum for you" page of this site for some handy hints.

No other instrument has had a larger worldwide use through all of human history except for our own voices.

You can contact me here.