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Custom Drum
Custom Drum


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Drum Diameter:

Drum Height:


Fur Colour:



Skin Thickness:


Don't see anything in the stock listings that is quite you? Have your own ideas of what YOUR drum should look like? Then please contact us for a quote to create your bespoke drum.  I have, in the past, created drums for clients using a piece of wood from a tree supplied to me from their yard. I can onlay, inlay, embellish with pewter and stones or shells, dye the wood, finish it with laquer or burn the surface and apply oil...the sky is the limits! Make a suggestion and I will see what I can do to cater to your design.

Things to consider:

Drum height and diameter

Wood type - select from Ash, Elm, Butternut, Catalpa, Walnut, Maple, Oak, Locust, Cherry, Mulberry and others.

Embellishments - Pewter, stones, bone, shell, glass, ceramic. Carved. Leather Wraps. Studs.

Finish - Laquered, oiled, burnt and oiled, shellac or raw.

Rope colour, Skin - Hair or no hair, colour of hair, type of Skin, rubber base pad.

Deep and resonant or sharp and punchy?